What A Very Fine Legacy Record The Porsche Has Left You To Follow

Coming from the same stable that brought Germans their people’s wagon, the Porsche was born. While it is ironic to note that the inspiration to provide thousands of financially distressed nationals with a cabby they could afford came from a dictator, the Porsche is the namesake of one Ferdinand Porsche. Back then, the inspiration and design intention was to create an original racing car that could compete on the legendary Grand Prix circuit, still in its infancy. Competing with other German inventions and an ingenious but rather romantic Italian rival, the Porsche enjoyed limited success.

Porsche 356

But no bother, phenomenal success would come a few years later. And while the most powerful Porsche engines were sweeping the boards at the historic endurance circuit of Le Mans, icons of business and the silver screen were racing around in street level Porsche sports cars. Only they could then because only they could afford to. While they were doing that, many others were dreaming of that while driving around in their old battered Volkswagens. Today, these legends are now road worthy restored classics in the form of iconic Porsche Boxers, Porsche Carrera’s and Porsche 356‘s.

You saw the movies, they were fast and furious. And when you went home later that night, you rolled over and dreamt about them. Now, just remember one thing guys, this is not the stuff of kid’s fairy tales and it may not quite be the stuff of legend, and it’s certainly no myth or urban legend, but dreams still come true. Some of you reading this know it. You know this because you really have to work at making those dreams come true. And there are guys that worked really hard to restore old Porsche classics and make them affordable for you to purchase.